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Brief description:
The patient lifts are hydraulic and have a "spreader bar". They are used to transfer a disabled patient to/from bed, wheelchair and bedside commode. Do NOT use to transport patient from bedroom to bathroom.

Slings are available for rental at an additional cost. Please call if you need one.

Invacare 9805 Hydraulic Lift Model no. 9805 Too often, manual patient transfers lead to caregiver back injuries. The Invacare 9805 hydraulic lift was created to make transport situations safe and affordable for everyone involved. And with its slim design, the hydraulic lift is versatile enough to use for any and all patient moves. The features of the 9805 include a padded swivel bar and push handle, a 450-pound weight capacity, durable chrome- plated construction and 360 degrees patient rotation without side-to-side sway. Lightweight construction and easy disassembly allow quick transport and setup. Indispensable to patients and caregivers alike, the 9805 offers safety, comfort and stability. Most important, it offers peace of mind, which makes it a valuable asset to your health care facility.


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