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Troubleshooting: Scooters

HELP! My scooter won't move

There are several simple checks that you may perform in the event that your scooter fails to move.

  1. Check the battery gauge: by removing the key and re-inserting it into the keyhole. The gauge will move to indicate the level of charge remaining. If the charge is very low/empty, plug the charging cord/unit into the scooter and the other end into a standard outlet. Please take the time to ensure that the connections are secure.

    Portable Units: - Please remember that the batteries smatter on these units and may need to be recharged more frequently than their full-sized counterparts.

  2. If the scooter is fully charged, and still will not run, one of the following situations may apply:

    KEY: Make sure the key is inserted fully.

    POWER SAVER MODE: The scooters have a features which will shut off the battery and prevent them from discharging when the vehicle has been idle or the key left in. This log time will vary from 3-5 minutes depending on the model.

    Simply remove the Key, wait 10-20 seconds (will vary by model) then reinsert the key. This should reactivate the batteries allowing you to continue with your activities.

    FREE-WHEEL MODE : The Scooters have a lever which allows you to disengage the motor and brakes allowing you top move the scooter manually - such as for stowing away where space is limited.

    This lever is located towards the rear of the scooter on most models and will usually have a black or yellow plastic cap on the end.

    If the scooter can be moved manually then it must be in free wheel mode and you will need to move the lever to the opposite position (up/down) to re-engage the vehicle.

    CIRCUIT-BREAKER/RESET BUTTON: This may trip occasionally and is a white circular button located on the base of the scooter (may be towards the rear on some models). Simply push to reset. If the breaker trips repeatedly, please contact us for a replacement.

  3. PORTABLE SCOOTERS: If you have reassembled your portable unit and it will not run, please ensure the battery pack has been replaced properly and all the connections /clips are in full contact. If the key was left in, be sure to remove it wait at least 10 seconds then re insert it.

  4. If the front and rear pieces were separated please ensure that the connecting harness was properly attached. GOING UP A SLOP

  5. The scooter may slow down when operation at an incline or the battery indicator may clip. If the slope is to steep, the scooter may stop altogether.

  6. WEIGHT LIMITATIONS: the scooters will tend to run at less than their top seeds when the driver's weight approaches the scooter's maximum capacity. For more power you may request a larger mode.

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