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Emerald Medical is a family owned and operated medical equipment company established in July 2001 to meet the needs of our local community and visiting tourists. We specialize in both sales and rentals of home medical equipment particularly wheelchairs and motorized scooters to guests in private homes, at hotels, for conventions or other local events.

Our home city of Las Vegas is a dynamic and vibrant city offering a constant buffet of activities so we offer a very wide range of mobility aids for rent including many portable scooters, lightweight and transport wheelchairs to allow you convenient, stress-free movement between your chosen activities. We offer delivery to homes and hotels which comes in handy when visiting a new place and have forgotten essential equipment or accessories and do not want to interrupt your schedule or trouble your hosts. Deliveries may also be arranged to locations other than your primary local address.

A hallmark of our operations is our flexibility, our staff is very knowledgeable and always ready to recommend the best equipment options to meet your specific needs. We’re centrally located and take pride in our rapid respond time, usually able to make emergency deliveries within the hour. Unlike some other companies in the industry we own all our own equipment and our staff are directly employed so we do not have to rely on availability through a sub-contractor and can subsequently offer you more competitive rates. So, whether you’ve planned perfectly and still had a let-down, or did not anticipate a particular need, from a little charging cord to a motorized wheelchair with oxygen tanks and ramp, let Emerald Medical supply be your #1 stop for all your mobility and equipment needs!!

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